South America... Here i come! 

Well, the results are in. I'm so excited about this coming summer! I was standing at the counter of the office in my dorm when Chris Shay called to be connected to my room to tell me that I am going to be going to Bolivia this summer with Summer Service Corps... Wow. All I could say. What a great opportunity. I hope that I can really connect with these people, I'm kind of nervous, I've never really done anything like it before. I know that God will have things for all of us to say, but sometimes I just kind of talk, and don't listen as much as I should. That's something I trying to work on; I tell God a lot of things, but I don't know if I'm quite patient enough to wait and listen in quiet. I guess I'm used to things being so fast paced all the time, and being busy. Sometimes I get antsy just sitting, doing nothing. Other times I would die to be able to do nothing. It's a weird and wonderful thing, life. I hope I can contribute as much as I hope I get out of this. I know God has so many plans for me, as He does for all, but I'm so fuzzy on what they are as of now.

Well, on another note- Tarry and the whole squad is leaving now to go to Topeka, Kansas. They're on their way to compete in a "national" cheerleading competition. I hope they do well, I really do. They've been having nightly practices for the last two weeks-- gotta be draining! Yeah, and the last two weeks has been the first time that they even saw their routine. Way to plan, Coach! Well, I hope they do great, have fun, and drive safely. The roads are a little slick here, not too bad. But they're cancelling school for like 4 inches of snow... whereas Omaha... yeah, they have about 25" or 30"... kinda backwards, these Missourans.

Gotta head to choir retreat tonight ... Tomorrow, choir retreat... and then... Kansas City!!! with my hall. That's gonna be fun!!!! Later!

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