I SO JUST LOST MY SHOUT OUTS... anyone else?

What is it... 

I think there's definitely something in the water here that makes me moodier than poo. Not quite sure why, what (or who) brings it on. But it is seriously something that I am struggling with more than ever right now. I just want to go back to my usually "chipper" self, and not worry about the people and the things going on around me. School is what I should be exerting most of my energy on right now anyway. Classes are going well so far, I actually like them. But reading... I like to read... when I choose to. When it's assigned, it's a pain in my tush. Maybe that's part of it. Yep, the homework's gotta be stressing me out... Hands down. Ok, yeah I don't know if that's entirely truthful. If you figure it out, will you let me know?


Today was eventful... Debbie and I spent nearly 7 hours burning cd's at church. That should definitely qualify for a spot on "Sick Sad World"


Satisfying Angela's Reason for Living 

So, Angela... this is a very PERSONAL letter to you.

Hi, how are you? I'm glad that you imed me and inspired and encouraged me to update my blog... because, you're right- it has been kind of dead lately. But I have been enjoying myself at home, sleeping in till 2, doing nothing, and staying up late, hanging out, or watching movies... it sure is my idea of a 5 week long break, if ever I had one. Actually, my real reason for writing you is to tell you how absolutely stunning you looked at your brother's wedding! Just gorgeous, simply gorgeous... Why, I can just see your wedding day... you'll look even more purdy. Make sure you invite me ok? Because I want to be there. And we can eat little shrimp together- doesn't that sound like fun? lol. So... seriously, it was pretty, the karaoke was funny, and it was good to see you all again. I hope this makes you happy! :)

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