Being home rocks my face off!!!


OH, something ELSE really cool!!! Tonight, after I was done schooling Tarry in Scrabble, me, him, and Jenny (the RD) were sitting in the dorm office watching this news show and it was reporting on President Bush's marriage amendment that he's trying to get added to the Constitution... OK, so there was an 800 number to get this REALLY sweet bumper sticker... yeah, that's right. I ordered a bumper sticker for the car I don't even have at school. Well, it said "MARRIAGE= (woman figure that's on a bathroom door) + (man figure that's on a bathroom door)" The stuff in the () it doesn't actually say, I just thought I'd describe it so that you can get a visual in your head. Anyway, they should be here pretty soon I guess. You should all definitely call (TOLL FREE!!!) : 1-800-795-0700. (If the #'s wrong, sorry! I saw the show like 4 hours ago... my memory doesn't serve me quite like it used to).

$$$Million Dollar Question$$$ 

If you can tell me whose eyes these are, you win... something.



I am woman. Hear me roar! I beat Tarry and Jenny in Scrabble tonight!! AND then I beat tarry in this Island of the Monsters game. I never had a game system while growing up; heck, I still don't. And for that, I am truly grateful!! HOWEVER, how I managed to kick his butt tonight, I'll never know. Jenny, my wonderful RD, said it was because we are women. If we're losing, or can't find a way to make a play, we have the power to change the rules. THUS, the ability to win and dominate at everything. Why can't I dominate myself? I feel like I have no control over anything I think, and that I act solely based on my emotions at any given moment. That's what frustrates me. I know it's wrong when I'm saying it or doing it, but I don't care. It's not till afterwards that I feel bad, and then I feel too ashamed to take it back. I'll take it back now, I'm sorry for always overreacting. Things done are just that: done. I don't know why my mind keeps bringing them up, and fueling them for my next argument with you.


Where did it all go? 

Man, ever since I got here in August, time has been FLYING by! It seems like we were suffering through the disgusting heat just yesterday, dying for some good old AC. Now, we're ready for the snow to melt, and only want to spend time inside in the heat and comfort of our tiny little rooms. Right now, the thought of my room back in Iowa sounds pretty close to wonderful! Except I'm not quite sure if it's going to be there waiting for me. Apparently my sister is moving into my room, and then the littlest one is moving into her room. Then her room will become the arts/crafts/hobby room... I guess I just became obsolete.

I'm sooo tired of studying, so I just thought I'd take a break.

Finals... this is what I think of you!!!!


Unsuccessful Studying 

Today I attempted to study for finals next week. Key word here: attempted. Seriously, you shouldn't have to study when you're sick. You should be allowed to sleep all day, play in the snow and have a sudden onset of coughing spells, and watch movies and sip hot chocolate... or cough syrup... Whichever you prefer. My favorite is still a little fuzzy. Walmart has this great cough stuff... Equate Tussin CF or DM... mmmmm. They're good. I studied a little Old Testament, watched a little It's a Wonderful Life (in Black and White!!!), Matilda, and then ordered Pizza Hut, watched Finding Nemo, then lost in Scrabble to Tarry! Who woulda thunk it? I think that the extent of his skills were words like "why" and "jet"... those are like all worth 4 points for the most part, and it's especially helpful when you land on triple word scores! I got played!

This morning, after brunch in the cafeteria, Di, Lauren, Tarry, and I played in the snow a little... pictures will come later, whenever Di decides to email them to me ;) I know you're busy, that sucks about all the tests you have to take! How did I get out so easy??? Beats me!

Oh well, I guess I should get to bed. My throat is killing me, I should cut it off. Goodnight!

Question of the day... 

If you could dip anything in a chocolate fountain, what would it be and why?


Question of the day... (ok, so it's 3 questions tonight) 

What is art? Are we art? Is art art...?

Bowling Bash!!! 

Free Bowling at Speedway! Party over there... Ok, I thought it was gonna be kinda lame. 9:30 to 11:30, free bowling. SBU students only. I guess... who could ask for more!? It was a lot of fun though. Bowling with my boyfriend, my best friend, and the rest of the student body... I thoroughly enjoyed myself!!! AND it was like the best game I've ever bowled in my life. I almost beat Tarry. I have to take him laser bowling when we get home now. Our bet: I lose, I take him laser bowling; he loses, he takes me ice skating. Needless to say, we'll most definitely be doing both anyway! I love my boy- we have some good times!

Also, today Diana and I recruited girls to help carry on the legacy of "Ugly Girl Hoochie Momma Dance Party Night" for next semester. As a matter of fact, two of them stopped by our room tonight completely decked out! We weren't expecting them quite so soon. We would've joined in with the party, but Tar is sick, and I had just made him soup and was waiting for him... Jessie and Salena definitely have guts!!! I think when Diana and I dress up, we're gonna try to look hot, ya know, in that "home on the range" kind of way... lol. Very clever Di.

Poor little Tarry with 102 degree temperature... I wish I could make it go away. I'd cast it out of you, and into a herd of nearby pigs. Just like Jesus did in the Bible!!! That would be sweet.

Oh well, I guess it's time that I go to bed...SINCE I CAN. Night everybody, love you all!!


Question of the day...  

Question of the day: Who is your favorite superhero of all times and why?????

Finals are sneaking up on us... 

Yeah, so finals are supposed to start next week... How come I have one tomorrow??? It always happens this way, I try to make time to do my work, and a million things come up (thus is college life, right Jenni??) so I end up doing my review for my final the night before, because I'm here to earn a degree in procrastination, and of course I can't find ANY of the answers... Truly wonderful. You wanna know what class it is? Physical Fitness & Wellness. Yeah, that's right. PE. It's PE and I'm STRUGGLING!!! Man, when did I become such a loser!?

On a brighter, MUCH brighter note... it snowed last night!!! It was sooo gorgeous. Soon after, Isaiah 1:18 popped into my head..."Though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be white as snow..." I'm gaining more and more appreciation for that verse everyday. So, today we scheduled a "play time" in the snow at 3:30... Diana and Lauren and I rolled around in the snow on the football field, with Tarry looking from the track because the poor boy is sick :( awww. He'll get better though, because JURIES are tomorrow. YUCK.

Jury is where music students have to perform all that they've worked on for the whole semester in front of heads of the music department and either pass or fail... yeah. I get sweaty just thinking about it. Not only do I have to participate, but I have to do TWO. One for voice, and one for piano... let's just say, my scales are simply not up to par. PLEASE pray for me everybody?!?

Plus, the One Act Festival started tonight, so Tarry and I went... it was almost a waste of my time. Fell asleep through one of them. It's a good thing that Dr. Tappmeyer is giving extra credit, or I don't know what I would've done!

I'm out, gotta get back to Fitness & Wellness... gag me. Please.


Pow! Bam! Whammy! 

Remember the old episodes of Batman?? They were awesome. Unfortunately, right now my Old Testament class is what's bringing back that wonderful memory... Old Testament kicks my butt!! SOOOOooooo much reading, 1 text book, 2 lovely little informational blah blah blahs, the Bible (my personal favorite), and what ever other lengthy reading he decides to assign to read in the library that never EVER applies to anything we discuss or read otherwise. I like the class, but man, I'm ready for this week to be over so I can take the final, and look forward to New Testament, which I'm sure will be all new kinds of cruelness along with be amazingly interesting!


total state of confusion. 

Life has a way of taking us on an emotional rollercoaster, that never seems to end. When everything is going wrong it sucks, you lose your lunch. When things are going great, there's always that nagging feeling in the back of your head telling you to get ready, the drop is just beyond the next turn. Don't even bother eating lunch then, you're gonna lose it anyway. I hate watching the people I love struggle for the things that mean the most to them. At the same time, while I'm watching it happen to them, I feel it inside of me. Things I know I can relate with them are things I can't really tell anyone. Life has a way of slapping you in the face and showing you what things need to change. Jesus is life. I had a friend tell me tonight that Jesus died on the cross for us, to forgive us and accept us. This friend doesn't think God will accept him though. He wants to be close to Christ, and is trying, but doesn't feel a response from God. God works at his own timetable. I don't know what else to say, if you know something, why can't you just believe it?

I'll sleep for you tonight Di, work it out. I love you guys.


Birthday in Bolivar... 

it's my birthday today! Yey. I'm 19. Funny. But it doesn't feel much different than 18, or 17, or ... Oh well, I guess it will come eventually. Diana and Tarry are taking me to Pizza Hut tonight so that I can enjoy a much anticipated P'zone thing and... DQ Ice Cream cake!!! So excited, can't wait. BRING ON THE FOOD! Gosh, i'm such a heffer. I have eaten so much this last week since i went home, think i gained like 20 lbs.!!!

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