I got to sleep in practically all week; I'm fully rested and ready to return to Southwest Baptist... Ok. So I'm a terrible liar. I wanna stay in Des Moines longer! Gosh. Yeah, well we were heading home from Michigan today, and were planning on going to a concert in Chicago at 7:30... we got there around 4:30 and decided not to since we'd have to sit around for 3 hours. SO, I called Mike to ensure that he was still in town, and called Scott (most likely at Kally's putting in some quality time before she has to head back to OK). When mom finally asked me to drive (just outside of Chicago) I hit 80, and headed home. She kept asking me if I was ok, like something was wrong. I just wanted to be home, and dreaded her trying to drive again because she's like the one person in this universe who actually drives the lawful speed limit. I let her sleep. Leave the driving to me. We got home by 9:30 as I predicted. I then spent the rest of the evening... watching Mike, his two bros, Jeremy McDaniels play gamecube, and listen to Phil with the stitched knee try to do impersonations... some of them we laughed at because they were so funny. Others we laughed at because he had no hope. Like hello- noone can do Sean Connery, Austin Powers, or Dr. Evil better than Scott. The sooner he realizes this, the better off he'll be. I almost got so mad at McDaniels though. He kept saying "ugh, i keep thinking it's your sister sitting on the couch instead of you. You guys sound so much alike... blah blah blah" but it was meant as an insult... He can stuff it. This all coming from a kid who eats 4 McChicken's in one day.

I might be going to stay at Iowa in two weekends, holla!!! that is, if my finals aren't gonna be killa!


on another note though... My boyfriend got a laptop today! woo hoo, go Tarry! No more using my computer... bummer.
Just another nasty after-Thanksgiving-going to the mall- not shopping- listening to Jordan whine- watching mom roll her eyes day. It like snowrained today. The snow didn't stick, and hasn't since I've been in Michigan... it's cursed.


Over the river and through the woods... at Grandmother's house I AM. So, RE and I drover up to chi-town yesterday morning, met my mom, did the rounds through memory lane (mom's high school... "oooo, I wish you guys could have gone here!!..."... I mean, realistically. SHE chose to become an Army officer, knowing completely ahead of time that we would most likely never go to the same school for very long, let alone HER high school), and then headed up to Michigan. Man, the cousin is psycho!! He's only three years old, and he reminds me of Damien (for those of you who have seen The Omen!!! creepy!). He's already punched me in the face, pulled the sliding closet doors shut on both sides of my head, and peed all over grandma's bathroom rug. HOW FUN. He's cute though... when he's sleeping! :) RE is staying at Angela's dorm tonight, hope they have fun. We hit the mall and the goodwill earlier, and I decided that my headache and my homework needed some serious attention, hence I am home. I have successfully gained the ten pounds that I lost at school back since I've been here at grandma's. Good stuff. AHHHH... I had the best weekend! I love my friends, and for the most part, I got to see all of them! Friday, hung out with Seth-Tarry-Debbie till 3; Saturday, hung out with Eric during the afternoon, then Scott till 1:30; Sunday, watched movies with my homegirl RE then with Seth-Mike-Tarry till 12; Monday, I WAS SUCH A SUPER SENIOR!!! Kenny Paulding, watch out! You're being replaced! I hung out at school most of the day, then met up with Mike-Ross-Seth-Scott-Kally and watched movies till like 12:30. Feeling completely fulfilled. Although, I believe that I am/have working/ed it out to visit Iowa City for the weekend of Dec. 12-14... looking forward to that, because I might actually get to see VY!!! love that girl. Re found an unexpiring handicapped parking permit outside the thrift store on Monday! How cool is that? Now she doesn't need to use the excuse that she's blonde to park there. Dad's spending Thanksgiving at home by himself... although I have a feeling he'll find his way to the illustrious Train Club at some point. Shock of shocks. That man and his trains. Oh well. Anyway, Old Testament History is calling my name... Love you all!


THANKSGIVING BREAK... Here I come!!!!!!
It was good, overall. Tonight ended in an unsuspected way: I stayed up till 1:45 listening to my suitemate pour her heart out to me about an issue that her boyfriend has been just recently going through dealing with his family. Before she went back to her room, I offered to pray with her. I thought that this would really help her; she, in turn, prayed after I finished. I though I was helping her, but what she prayed really helped me. I realize so many things when other people don't even try to help me to. It's so much easier to catch things when others say them, than when you try to fix things on your own.

Lord, You know my heart. Help me to do your will.


Attention: For those of you who like me and Angela... it's your lucky day. IF you're a loser. We have devised a plan to make the coolest club of the biggest losers. It is by invitation only. The members are as follows: Payton, Angela, Diana. If you are interested, contact Angela (Yes, you can be the treasurer!) and convince her that you aren't cool, and we'll bring it up in our next meeting.

Chapel was awesome today! I don't know; I haven't been doing that great here the last few weeks... it's funny how that works out: when you're not in the Word everyday, life kinda gets screwy, no pun intended. I realized (again!!) today how much I need to be devoted to reading and studying the Bible. Some things I liked from the message this morning (it was from Romans 12:1-2
"Therefore, I urge you, Brothers, in view of God's mercy, to offer your bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God - This is your spiritual act of worship. Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God's will is - His good, pleasing, and perfect will." )
Well, I guess something that kind of stuck out and has stayed in my mind since chapel was this phrase that the speaker said, "A living sacrifice is passionate more than dutiful." I guess that kind of hits home somewhat; I know a lot of times I do things just because I have to, or because it's what I should do, so I do it, whether I am smiling or grumbling about it. But if I am truly passionate about serving God, I'll want to do those things because they glorify Him. I really like the last part of Rom. 12:2- "His good, pleasing, and perfect will." God knows that we... that I am not perfect. If anyone was, He wouldn't have had a reason to send His perfect Son to die and save/forgive us for our sins. Despite the fact, He loves us and He calls us anyway. We all need to be ready, and willing, to give it all, "lay it on the altar 24/7," for Him. Worship isn't singing; it's constant passion,sacrifice, and service.


Today was a day of many mixed emotions:

Uncle Don passed away today. He died of Bladder Cancer; he basically starved to death because he couldn't keep any of the food in his system. People are getting sick, and dying, and getting in accidents, and dying, etc. left and right. It seems like everytime I turn around, someone else has died, or gotten diagnosed with a chronic disease, or a number of other possible things. What does it mean, if anything? Why are things like this happening so often lately? They come so unexpectedly, out of the blue. My day was absolutely wonderful, I mean, great. And just a simple call to my roommate to tell her to come meet me for dinner, and the news of my uncle. I couldn't even hear it from my mom. It's fine I suppose. I know that he doesn't have to suffer anymore, go through everything that he was in the hospital. I know Aunt Eunice doesn't have to sit and suffer through watching everything they'd do with him in the hospital. It's comforting to know that now he's in heaven, resting in the arms of a God who knows everything, controls everything, and has a plan for everything and everyone. Nothing happens without Him allowing it, and without it working ultimately for His glory. Joy can be found in this.


Thanks for waking me up at 9:00 this morning Dad.

Well, Diana and I ended up going to Springfield this morning, and actually following through with it all. I had to hold her hand while they pierced her nose, the blood spilled onto her cheek, and a tear fell from her eye. Man, I wish I had balls. I did, however, get my ears pierced again with a little diamond post. I'm really diggin it, Diana loves it too, she seems almost more excited about mine than I am. I got a really great deal, I'm so proud of myself- $9.99 for the earrings, and 1/2 off a second item, so I got a $10 belly button ring for $5. For a grand total of, duhn duhn duhn duh, $15. I'm proud. Hope my mom doesn't flip. This will be, what, 5 piercings? As opposed to Di's 9... Tarry thinks that they look pretty, yey, that's what I was going for.

Today was one of the better days here at college. We (me and di) went to the mall, had chinese food(!!!!! yum!!!!!), got pierced, almost hit a minivan full of kids (it was so their fault!), almost hit a squirrel ( but I squealed and screamed until she hit the brakes - thank God! Have you seen what those furry little animals can do to a car?!?) , and then we went and got blankets and watched our school's last football game of the season against Truman State... watched my boyfriend cheer most of the time. It's amazing, I didn't want to admit it, but Diana said it first, but I never thought I'd go to a football game and watch the cheerleaders more than the football team. Pretty sad, but oh well.

Back to the Chinese food... mmm... I got Bourbon chicken, and Di got spicy chicken. Well, needless to say, it was a little hot, and they felt the need to put one of those long skinny red peppers in hers. She wasn't gonna eat it. Wuss. She got her nose pierced today, and she didn't have the balls to eat a pepper?? She agreed with me and gave in.

Di: It's not hot, no it doesn't really taste like anything, hm, I thought it would be a lot worse than th.... AGH!!! My throat is on FIRE, my mouth is burning oh my gosh I need a drink, gimme a drink!...
{loose translation} It was the best!
Male Cheerleaders are hot, little sisters kick butt, and roommates... well... mine lives in the bath tub.

Gonna pack my bags, and back to my paper...
Lady Bearcats play tonight, hopefully one of our teams wins.

The time is sooooo unaccurate on these things!!
When I woke up this morning...

Almost late for class, a friend called me and told me that I should probably get out of bed and get to class. How did I beat him there?

Last night, my friend Rachel and I went to the practice rooms in the music bldg. and worked on playing voice parts for Handel's Messiah... yeah, we were there for an hour and a half, with the doors open in each of our practice rooms, yelling across the halls to each other to stay on rhythm and together. All the preparation, with one day's notice, only to come to class this afternoon to discover that Dr. Gerber... brought his own accompanist. Not cool. Oh well... So yeah, Di (my roommate and best friend since 5th grade) and Tarry and I went to Springfield tonight to get Di's nose pierced. Totally something that I would never have the nerve to do, and would never look right; it's just something I couldn't pull off. Now, my sister on the other hand... she could probably do it, seeing as how she can pull off anything, ya know, just woke up one morning and decided to go "punk," as if you can just "go punk." It's an odd thought to me. Debbie and I decided that Punk isn't a style; it's a way of life.

Something we wondered about in the car ride tonight: how do you grow? I mean, when you grow, HOW do your bones just get longer, or wider? I just don't understand, and never thought about it before.
Tonight was awesome!!! 101 Fun Alternatives to Drinking and Drugs in the student union... um, yeah, so there were like 10 things there for us to do. How does that translate to 101?? All I know is that I won the coolest mini-whoopie cushion in "Pin the Steering wheel to the Car"... it was a regular party.

Back to the piercing: Well, we got there, and the guy (totally decked out in body jewelry, I mean it was nuts, the guy's head must've weighed like 30 lbs. more than normal!) told us that he only pierces noses with loops, and no studs. (Stud: male horse that impregnates a female horse ----> good times Miriah!) And well, we decided that loops weren't too cool. I mean, just think of the possibilities: it could get caught on a sweater, snag on her blanky, collect all sorts of stuff that I'm sure noone really wants to see. Plus, she's seeing her mom next friday, and decided that she didn't want her mom to crap herself when she saw the loop, let alone the little stud. I guess tomorrow's adventure is to call around with the phone book and track down a piercing place where they don't only pierce with loops.

Tarry and I karaoked tonight, we were the last ones to "perform". Needless to say, most had left by then, and there were probably a total of like 12 people left in the coffee shop. We did Summer Nights from Grease, and I had no idea how much I sucked until I got up there. I don't know, something about being in front of a bunch of people that I don't know and trying to sing, and have fun while still sounding good, just isn't really my thing. If I wasn't cracking on notes, they couldn't hear me. So I started to sing the guy's part; Tarry took the cue and started singing the girl's part. I felt/feel bad, bc i know that he wanted it to be great, as if everything in life is perfect, but I don't know. I guess I'm just not that good at being in front of people like that. He, on the other hand, was hilarious... I hate boys. They can sing in any range and it either sounds good, or people think it's funny. Whereas if a girl isn't singing in her range, Watch out!! For about 10 minutes, he and I ended up just sliding around on the waxed wood floor, it was great, but I could barely stand up bc of him spinning me, so I fell and just decided to lay there for a while... ah, I love that boy.

2:05 AM with an English Research paper over John Steinbeck's The Pearl, due Monday... anyone have a little free time and willing to help a poor girl out?

TWIRP was last week - The Woman Is Required to Pay - Tarry and I won for the category of the cheapest date... I had just had my wisdom teeth cut out, and wasn't feeling too pleasant, so my mom drove all the way down here to stay with me for a couple days (seriously sweet of her) and when she got here, I kinda volunteered her to take me and Tarry out to Wendy's to get frostys. While we were there eating off of the $.99 menu, Tarry came up with the brilliant idea to use that as our date: I didn't have to pay (neither did he), we had a chaperone (my mother), and she drove us (MINIVAN!!)... needless to say, can't get much cheaper than that. We won quite a bit of stuff from it too... I think next year, we may go for one of the other 3 categories (Craziest, Most Creative, and Most Romantic). We'll see.
Until then...


Yeah, so this is my first attempt at anything like this... totally cliche of me. Thanks Angela for opening my eyes to the wonderful world of ... blogs? Quite frankly, this kind of freedom is scary to me. If I get too comfortable with it, everyone will know how much of a dork I am...

Tell them something they don't know already...

School is soooo stupid, I think I want to grow up and be a professional bum, and just stay at home and hang out with my mom and sister as they watch reruns of Law & Order, ahhh the good ol' days. I was so jealous.

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