South America... Here i come! 

Well, the results are in. I'm so excited about this coming summer! I was standing at the counter of the office in my dorm when Chris Shay called to be connected to my room to tell me that I am going to be going to Bolivia this summer with Summer Service Corps... Wow. All I could say. What a great opportunity. I hope that I can really connect with these people, I'm kind of nervous, I've never really done anything like it before. I know that God will have things for all of us to say, but sometimes I just kind of talk, and don't listen as much as I should. That's something I trying to work on; I tell God a lot of things, but I don't know if I'm quite patient enough to wait and listen in quiet. I guess I'm used to things being so fast paced all the time, and being busy. Sometimes I get antsy just sitting, doing nothing. Other times I would die to be able to do nothing. It's a weird and wonderful thing, life. I hope I can contribute as much as I hope I get out of this. I know God has so many plans for me, as He does for all, but I'm so fuzzy on what they are as of now.

Well, on another note- Tarry and the whole squad is leaving now to go to Topeka, Kansas. They're on their way to compete in a "national" cheerleading competition. I hope they do well, I really do. They've been having nightly practices for the last two weeks-- gotta be draining! Yeah, and the last two weeks has been the first time that they even saw their routine. Way to plan, Coach! Well, I hope they do great, have fun, and drive safely. The roads are a little slick here, not too bad. But they're cancelling school for like 4 inches of snow... whereas Omaha... yeah, they have about 25" or 30"... kinda backwards, these Missourans.

Gotta head to choir retreat tonight ... Tomorrow, choir retreat... and then... Kansas City!!! with my hall. That's gonna be fun!!!! Later!


I SO JUST LOST MY SHOUT OUTS... anyone else?

What is it... 

I think there's definitely something in the water here that makes me moodier than poo. Not quite sure why, what (or who) brings it on. But it is seriously something that I am struggling with more than ever right now. I just want to go back to my usually "chipper" self, and not worry about the people and the things going on around me. School is what I should be exerting most of my energy on right now anyway. Classes are going well so far, I actually like them. But reading... I like to read... when I choose to. When it's assigned, it's a pain in my tush. Maybe that's part of it. Yep, the homework's gotta be stressing me out... Hands down. Ok, yeah I don't know if that's entirely truthful. If you figure it out, will you let me know?


Today was eventful... Debbie and I spent nearly 7 hours burning cd's at church. That should definitely qualify for a spot on "Sick Sad World"


Satisfying Angela's Reason for Living 

So, Angela... this is a very PERSONAL letter to you.

Hi, how are you? I'm glad that you imed me and inspired and encouraged me to update my blog... because, you're right- it has been kind of dead lately. But I have been enjoying myself at home, sleeping in till 2, doing nothing, and staying up late, hanging out, or watching movies... it sure is my idea of a 5 week long break, if ever I had one. Actually, my real reason for writing you is to tell you how absolutely stunning you looked at your brother's wedding! Just gorgeous, simply gorgeous... Why, I can just see your wedding day... you'll look even more purdy. Make sure you invite me ok? Because I want to be there. And we can eat little shrimp together- doesn't that sound like fun? lol. So... seriously, it was pretty, the karaoke was funny, and it was good to see you all again. I hope this makes you happy! :)


Being home rocks my face off!!!


OH, something ELSE really cool!!! Tonight, after I was done schooling Tarry in Scrabble, me, him, and Jenny (the RD) were sitting in the dorm office watching this news show and it was reporting on President Bush's marriage amendment that he's trying to get added to the Constitution... OK, so there was an 800 number to get this REALLY sweet bumper sticker... yeah, that's right. I ordered a bumper sticker for the car I don't even have at school. Well, it said "MARRIAGE= (woman figure that's on a bathroom door) + (man figure that's on a bathroom door)" The stuff in the () it doesn't actually say, I just thought I'd describe it so that you can get a visual in your head. Anyway, they should be here pretty soon I guess. You should all definitely call (TOLL FREE!!!) : 1-800-795-0700. (If the #'s wrong, sorry! I saw the show like 4 hours ago... my memory doesn't serve me quite like it used to).

$$$Million Dollar Question$$$ 

If you can tell me whose eyes these are, you win... something.



I am woman. Hear me roar! I beat Tarry and Jenny in Scrabble tonight!! AND then I beat tarry in this Island of the Monsters game. I never had a game system while growing up; heck, I still don't. And for that, I am truly grateful!! HOWEVER, how I managed to kick his butt tonight, I'll never know. Jenny, my wonderful RD, said it was because we are women. If we're losing, or can't find a way to make a play, we have the power to change the rules. THUS, the ability to win and dominate at everything. Why can't I dominate myself? I feel like I have no control over anything I think, and that I act solely based on my emotions at any given moment. That's what frustrates me. I know it's wrong when I'm saying it or doing it, but I don't care. It's not till afterwards that I feel bad, and then I feel too ashamed to take it back. I'll take it back now, I'm sorry for always overreacting. Things done are just that: done. I don't know why my mind keeps bringing them up, and fueling them for my next argument with you.

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